We offer a range of services specializing in:

·         Supplying and erecting of formwork,
·         Placing and fixing of reinforcement steel and
·         Pouring, curing, finishing and patching of concrete.

We pride ourselves in providing the best services no matter how simple or complex the project may be. We are not only dedicated in what we do but also ensure a mutually satisfying relationship throughout every single project that we handle.

We are a major contributor to the Australian Construction Industry. Our experience covers constructing of new projects, refurbishment and extension. Our construction activities are carried out under FFC’s management system, which assures all the projects are delivered with outstanding quality at a safe and environmentally friendly construction site.

Recent Projects include:
  1.  RMS Projects
  2.  Bridges
  3.  Substations
  4.  Rail upgrades
  5.  Factories
  6.  School Upgrades
  7.  Airport upgrades
  8.  Residential Buildings
  9.  Sewage Treatment Plant


Contact us if you are interested in hiring any of our listed equipment
  1. Trucks with Cranes
  2. EWP Elevated Working Platforms
  3. Formwork materials
  4. Scaffolding materials