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Heathcote Pedestrian Bridge
Client Christie Civil Pty Ltd
Location Pedestrian Bridge over Princes Highway @ Heathcote
Estimate Value $5.5 million
Project Start Date March 2014
Project Finish Date December 2014
Status Complete
Description of Work The Princes Highway is one of the major arterial routes between Sydney and the southern suburbs. The intersection of the Princes Highway and Oliver Street at Heathcote is a busy area adjacent to Heathcote railway station, local schools and businesses.
Roads and Maritime has built this new bridge to improve safety for pedestrians crossing the Princes Highway at Heathcote and improve traffic flow on this busy road. The NSW Government has fully funded this $5.5 million project.
Work started in March 2014 and was completed four weeks ahead of schedule.


The new pedestrian crossing project will:
  • Enable a safer crossing of the Princes Highway for school students, commuters, residents and local shoppers
  • Improve traffic flow on this busy road by reducing motorists stopping time caused by the current traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing
  • Provide an essential and convenient link between communities, schools and facilities on the east and west side of the Princes Highway
  • Maintain passing trade for local businesses.
For further background and a full list of the project's features, see the project documents page.